Top Reasons Why Men Pull Away During Dating

Consider this common scenario. You meet a guy online and he asks you out. The two of you have a lovely date, there appears to be chemistry and there are several dates there after.  All of a sudden, out of the blue, he stops calling and naturally you panic.  Many women have experienced this. You cannot think of anything obvious that would have possibly made him pull away after 2-3 months of dating.


If a man is feeling suffocated in any way when he interacts with you he will begin to pull away.  How does this translate in real time? You will not hear from him as often and the dinner invitations will end.  Humans abhor being confined in any way and this plays broadly out in a multitude of ways. The most common way you indirectly smother him  is when you dig into his personal business too fast and play ’20 question.’ Yes, you being a ‘busy body’ can erode a love connection. There are other common examples that do even greater damage more rapidly. The feeling of being subconsciously boxed in may have originated from the pressures of work or something independent of you, but it still remains, you do not want to come across nosy too fast.  If his feelings for you are moderate he will not want to invest time in you if you send him indirect communication that turns him off or compounds feelings that make him feel confined.

Light at the end of the tunnel.

The good news is that you can learn how to manage your communication in the front end of a powerful encounter so he will want to be in your space.  Easier said than done and a very delicate endeavor when you’re dating someone that you are very compatible with.  If he does indeed make your blood boil you will need to ratchet up your self-awareness unlike ever before.  Pay close attention to how you are coming off in all scenarios.  Keep the smothering mother at home when you are with him.  He is an independent man and does not want to be managed by you.  It is difficult for many women to learn how to indirectly communicate with men in an effort to bring them closer. Instead, without knowing it, many women communicate to men in ways that encourage them to pull back.



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Why won’t he call me back?

Why wont he call me back?