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Don't know how to date or maintain a healthy relationship? Learn the NineGPS Method ~21st Century Dating & Relationship Etiquette

Wondering where the men or women are? Learn the secrets of how to attract love and keeping it.

Online Dating Manager - Overwhelmed with online dating? Hire me to manage your online dating profile from ground 0 to weekly management.

Need fresh, current photos? Hire me to capture your inner and outer beauty with attractive online dating profile photos.

“Karla has saved me countless hours from spinning my wheels in the dating arena.” ~ TR

Dating & Relationship Coaching Packages

To get different results you have to do things differently. Kindly, contact me before purchasing a package. I take on a limited number of clients per month. Now is the time to become more strategic about your love life.  All packages cover me teaching my clients the NineGPS Method. This is an all encompassing dating etiquette and attraction method that produces results for all my clients. 

Quantum Leap

1 Date Coaching Session
  • (1) 90 Min. In Person Session, Phone or Skype Assessment NineGPS Method™ (Learn How To Date Strategically)
  • 21st Century Dating Etiquette

  • Learn how to Attract Love

  • Deep Dive Online Dating Blueprint

  • Actionable tools to create immediate results

  • Great for immediate gratification seekers

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3 Date Coaching Sessions
$540/3 Sessions
  • (3) 90 Min. Sessions In Person Phone or Skype Assessment NineGPS Method™
  • 21st Century Dating Etiquette
  • Strategic Social Plan
  • Learn How to Attract Love
  • Learn Why You Push People Away
  • Communication Management Strategies
  • Online Dating Profile Management

  • Wardrobe Overhaul / Image Consulting

  • Accountability Schedule (Bi-Monthly Check-in)

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5 Date Coaching Sessions
$790/5 sessions
  • (5) 90 Minute Sessions In Person Phone or Skype Assessment
  • NineGPS Method™ Deep Dive

  • Strategic Social Plan

  • 21st Century Dating Etiquette

  • Learn How To Attract Love

  • Communication Management Strategies
  • Online Dating Profile Blueprint

  • Wardrobe Edits / Image Consulting

  • Accountability Schedule (Bi-Monthly Check-in)
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On Call 60 Min. Session

Immediate Advice
$97/60 min.
  • This is for clients that need IMMEDIATE dating or relationship advice.
  • Allow me to calm your spirits & anxiety about your situation.
  • Text me with three times & dates that might work for us to speak.
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Group Coaching Sessions

Bring 3 or more friends for a group session.
$95/90 min.
  • This is a great opportunity to bring some friends and join me for a unique group session with all the content in a 1-1 session. Feel free contact me for more information to arrange the session. Prefer Paypal? Pay here.

Matchmaking Rates

NineGPS Method™

1. I have a set of proven principles entitled the NineGPS Method™ that worked for me and can also work for you! Working one-on-one we’ll apply them to the specifics of your life to help you get the results you want. 
2. We’ll develop a specific relationship plan to put you on the right track to get the opposite sex to respond to you in a way that is beneficial.
3.  If you’d like, as a matchmaker, I will actually arrange dates for you with potential partners specifically chosen because of their high “fit” with you.  This is a phenomenal way to meet great potential partners who you might not otherwise meet.
4.  I will work with you to “inventory” your dating practices to make sure that you participate only in those behaviors that put you closer to finding the love of your life.
5. I offer a cutting-edge approach to positioning you both mentally and physically to put your best foot forward and give you the greatest confidence for success in your love life.

Finding love can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Don’t wait another moment. Let’s get to work today! Karla Moore

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